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Superpower Photo Tips, Issue #003 -- Are your pictures powerful?
April 03, 2014

Hello superstar photographer,

Do your pictures go BAM! Or do they go, ummmmm...?

Do your pictures pass the 5 second test? Do people stare at your pictures or do they just look at them?

That's what you want from your pictures, right? You want jaws to drop and eyes to pop when people look at your pictures. You want power in your pictures.

But what makes a picture powerful? You may be surprised. It takes more than just great exposure and a great subject.

What Makes A Picture Powerful?

Welcome to all of the new superhero photographers! Thanks for joining our growing Superpower Photo Club. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.

If you want to write for Picture Power and share your BAMtastic photos, simply reply to this email and I can show you how to get your work seen.

Power to Your Pictures!


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