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Photography Lesson Plans Pack


Teach Students How To Create Amazing Photos With Any Camera! Get a complete pack of lesson plans plus bonuses!

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5 Ways to Experiment with Different Lighting Conditions

teaching photography to kids

By experimenting with different lighting conditions, you can unlock endless possibilities and enhance your photography skills.

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How to Choose the Right Lens

teaching photography to kids

There are certain technical aspects of photography that can make a photograph bad. Here are five ways to explain to your children what makes a photograph bad.

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Five Ways to Test Your Smartphone Camera's Capabilities

teaching photography to kids

Explore five exciting ways to push the boundaries of your smartphone camera and discover its hidden potential.

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5 ways to combine summer travel with photography lessons for kids

photography lessons for kids

Teaching your kids the art of photography during family vacations cultivates their creativity and helps them develop a better view of the world around them.

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Understanding ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed

teaching photography to kids

If you shoot in Auto mode, you can skip this post. If you are or want to take your photos using the Manual mode you need to understand the three elements.

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Photography Lessons For Kids


Here are 10 fun and easy photography lessons for kids. Great for teachers and homeschool activities!

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Fostering empathy through the lens.

photography lessons for kids

Photography is a powerful tool for developing empathy in children. Use the camera to explore the world from different perspectives.

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How to teach color contrast in photography

teaching photography to kids

Color contrast in photography refers to the difference between two or more colors in an image. It is a tool used by photographers to create visual interest.

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A Silent Story. How Photography Communicates.

teaching photography to kids

When teaching photography there's more to it than just giving students information. Being able to apply how photography fits into everyday life is important.

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5 Ways to use composition techniques in a photograph

teaching photography to kids

Composition is a fundamental aspect of photography and it's important to understand how it affects the interpretation of an image.

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Comparing Photography and the Spoken Word

teaching photography to kids

Photography is a language just like the spoken word. However, in many ways photography is easier to share and easier to understand.

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