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Welcome to Picture Power. The goal of this site is to fill the world with better photos by inspiring and nurturing a love for photography in others.

Hi my name is Scott and I am the founder of this site. Thank you for stopping by!

Since first hitting the internet in 2013, Picture Power has become a leading site for photography teachers and students. 

In 2020, Picture Power’s audience changed (just a little). With so many families facing distance learning, homeschool, and/or in-school choices, we saw the challenge ahead and adjusted our focus to the family and not just the student.

Introducing our resource-packed Photography Lesson Plans!

Ready to dive in?


photography Resources for kids

photography Resources for teachers

Why Teach Photography?

Lessons Learned from Teaching Photography to Kids

Photography Assignments

Your Homeschool Yearbook

Photography is Better Than Fishing

Photography and Philanthropy

Fun Photo Ideas for Kids

Photography Lesson Plans

photography lesson plans pack


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