8 Tips for better smartphone photography

It's time to put your smarphone photography front and center. You likely have a smartphone that takes great pictures. If all you are doing is pointing and shooting you may be missing out on a lot of what your camera phone can offer.

Photographer and YouTuber Kenneth Wayne shares 8 simple tips that you can put to use right away to improve your smartphone photography.

TIP #1 - Find different perspectives

One of your most important functions as a photographer is to determine where the camera is when the shutter is pressed. 

Most people take photos while they are standing.

This means that most of their photos are taken from the same height. Not that there's anything wrong with that but you're not creating anything special when that is your only approach.

Find unique ways to get your camera into interesting spots before taking the picture.

tip #2 - Get Low and Get Close

An easy way to begin working from different angles is to take pictures from low angles. This doesn't mean that you have to begin take all of your photos with the camera on the ground. 

Start looking around at what is going on at knee-level. Simply showing people an everyday item from a perspective they can't see is a great way to make your smartphone photography stand out.

tip #3 - Apply The rule of thirds

This is a rule for a reason. The rule of thirds is likely the most effective way to improve your photography. If you've not yet heard of this rule click here to read more about the rule of thirds.

tip #4 - Scout locations

Obviously, there are times when you take pictures without any sort of planning. But if you know that you're going to be shooting something special take some time and look around to find the best spots. A little adventure walking can give you a better background if you take the time to look for it.

tip #5 - Look for higher vantage points

It's prety easy to start shooting pictures from a lower perspective but getting shots from a higher vantage point (like above the trees or buildings) will require a little more effort. But once you find a place that puts you above everything else you'll be able to capture some great pictures.

tip #6 - circle Around your subject

This is another great tip that require no real effort on your part. Before you start taking pictures take a moment and look at your subject by circling around it (or them).

By moving around your subject you are changing how the camera will read the light, you are seeing your subject with light from a different angle and you are changing your background.

Move around and find the spot that gives you the best light and background.

tip #7 - Know Where Your Lens is

This tip makes a lot of sense. So many of us haven't really thought about where the lens is on their smartphone. But when you are taking pictures from the ground or if you're taking pictures of something very close, knowing where your lens is can help to get you closer. Listen to what Kenneth has to say about this unique tip.

tip #8 - Don't forget to edit

And finally, after you've circled around your subject and shot it from low and from up on high you'll want to edit your smartphone photos to make sure they are presented in the way you want them seen.

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