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Superpower Photo Tips, Issue #002 -- What BUGS me about photography
March 18, 2014

SuperPower Photo Tips, Issue #002

Hola Powerful Picture Maker!

I've recently moved to Nicaragua and you just got my one and only lesson in Spanish. Hola means Hello.

On to the pictures!

If you are trying to make the minuscule look menacing, look no further.

I've recently completed a series of articles filled with practically every insect photography tip known to man. OK, maybe not every tip, but these articles cover everything from lighting to lenses to tripods. I give you everything except the bugs. You've got to find those on your own.

What BUGS me about photography? Insects!

You can read all of my insect photography tips to prepare for your next picnic.

Insect Photography Tips (4-part Series)

(PART 1) Insect Photography Tips | The Down and Dirty on How to Shoot the Ity Bity

(PART 2) Insect Photography Tips | Macro Lenses and Accessories

(PART 3) Insect Photography Tips | Lighting and Accessories

(PART 4) Insect Photography Tips: Tripods, Monopods, Focus Rails

There's much more! Check out my Picture Power Blog.

And if you want to know a bit more about my photography journey, start here.

If there is anything about your photography that is challenging you, let me know and I will help you find a cure for whatever ails your pictures.

Thanks again.

Power to your pictures!


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