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Every superhero specializes in something. Superman can fly. Batman has his gadgets. The Hulk gets mad better than anyone.

The e-books and resources on this page are hand-picked from across the web. These are your superhero photographer training guides.

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"Fighting The Evils Of Darkness"

A Low Light Photography
Survival Guide

By Scott Umstattd

Photography Concentrate

Super Photo Editing Skills
By Lauren Lim


Simple Wedding Photography
By Lauren Lim


The Creativity Field Guide
By Lauren Lim


Digital Photography School

Captivating Color
by Mitchell Kanashkevich


Going Pro
by Kelly Kingman 


Portraits: Striking The Pose by Gina Milicia


Eye Voyage

Powerful Imagery: the Photographer's Insight by Mitchell Kanashkevich


7 Tips For Natural Looking Travel Portraits By Mitchell Kanashkevich

Timeless Romania
by Jacob Maentz

Trick Photography Ebook and Video Course

Trick Photography eBook and Video Course


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