DSLR Gear List
All dslr photographers have one

In some ways I wish there was a pocket-sized camera that could shoot in medium format with a focal range of 5mm-500mm and with a tack sharp f/1.0 lens.  That would eliminate the need for an article like this and presumably it would make my photography life much less complicated. One tiny, pocket-sized, water-proof camera to rule the world.

When that camera comes out I will probably buy. But until then, DLSR photography, and the gear that goes with it, is my best option. 

First, a little about my photography. I shoot primarily street, documentary, reality, portrait and real estate. This means that I use zoom lenses. A lot. Yes, there are image quality benefits to using a prime lens but when you are following the action (not directing it) the flexibility of a zoom lens is without measure. 

I do have a few primes in my bag but the zoom lenses that I cover in this article are the ones that see the majority of action.

My camera timeline goes from the Canon D30 to the Canon 30D to the Canon 60D to the Canon 6D. I currently use the Canon 60D and the Canon 6D. 

I just recently moved into full frame photography. I purchased the Canon 6D a year ago and have enjoyed the added low light benefits it has provided. 

Ok. Let's get into it. These are the lenses, cameras and accessories that I use.

dslr gear list

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