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Preparing for Proof

UFO Pictures. Preparing for Proof.The Madonna with Saint Giovannino from the 15th century painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494).

We have been trying to capture UFO pictures since before the camera. Many works of art have tried to demonstrate unidentified flying objects.

We don’t know if the number of aliens and UFOs are increasing or not. But, we do know that we have more pictures to study than ever before.

With all of these additional cameras and photographers why are we not capturing pictures that provide undeniable proof of aliens and UFO activity? Why are all of the images claiming to show a UFO or an alien still as bad as they were 50 years ago? Why haven’t we put an end to the question, “Are we the only ones here?” with just one picture?

We don’t have THE photograph as proof because UFOs seldom give advance notice. Even though there are more people taking pictures of UFOs each person must deal with their unique set of circumstances to capture a picture that leaves no room for doubt.

UFO Pictures. Preparing for Proof.The Battle of Los Angeles, 1942.

Having more cameras means that we have more eyes in the skies but that, in and of itself, is an inefficient system because most of our eyes (cameras and lenses) are not suited for UFO photography.

The vast majority of “eyes” that we have at this moment are pocket cameras. These cameras are great for capturing moments relatively close to the photographer. However, the wide angle of view, small sensor size, lack of manual control, poor lenses and lack of zoom limit the performance of pocket cameras.

Pocket cameras give us more pictures but often not the best images to study in detail.

It’s recommended that you, at a minimum, use a DSLR or mirrorless camera. These cameras (and the lenses you can use with them) perform much better than pocket cameras.

If you have the budget, you can build a lens like the Hubble Telescope and a camera like the  Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) if you are serious about your effort to capture the UFO picture.

UFO Pictures. Preparing for Proof.The Advanced Camera for Surveys for the Hubble Space Telescope

No matter what kind of camera you have with you, you are already prepared to take a picture of a UFO or alien or Bigfoot or dragon.

But how prepared are you?

UFO Pictures - Preparation

One way to prepare is to master your camera. To know how to use it in the dark or blindfolded, so to speak. Know how many clicks it takes to get from one setting to another. Know where your fingers are to move instinctively. Understand where your camera (and lens) excels and where it suffers. Basically, you become one with your camera and lens.

The other way to prepare for taking a UFO picture is mentally. How your mind and body reacts to your sighting will have more of an effect over your UFO picture’s image quality than your camera.

Here is a brief listing of mental exercises you can do to keep you grounded and focused during your UFO encounter.

Imagine different ways in which you think a UFO or alien would present itself to you. How far away is the UFO? Have you snuck up on the UFO? Did it appear out of nowhere? Can you hear it? Do you feel the ground moving or rumbling? Are there lights? Does it glide or jolt? Can you smell it? Can you see through it? Is it showing emotion? Is it trying to communicate?

UFO Pictures. Preparing for Proof.There is no telling how you will react when you see a UFO but imagining your reaction will help to keep you focused and in the moment.

Research shows that the simple act of imagining an event can have a positive effect on real world results.

Imagine how you will react when you see a UFO. Will you run away or toward it? Will you be scared or curious? Will you be startled or will you be sneaky? Do you know where you camera is? Can you get to it? What will happen if you use the camera’s flash? Are you shooting live and uploading immediately? Are you shooting in the highest resolution? Did you remember to remove all artistic effects from your settings? Can you use ISO 100 or do you have to increase the ISO? Is your shutter speed fast enough to stop the action? Are you trembling while taking pictures? Are you calm? Are you getting pictures of your surroundings as well?

UFO Pictures Preparing for Proof

The questions could go on and on because the ways in which you will encounter a UFO are as numerous as the stars in the sky. What’s important is that you put yourself through the circumstances before they happen.

Don’t expect to be “turned on” like a Manchurian candidate when the moment arrives. You will very much be dealing with an adrenaline rush.

Your mental preparations will serve to help you not transform you.

Being able to adjust your settings or location more quickly will make you a more efficient photographer.

To be completely prepared to take a picture of a UFO or alien, sign up for The Complete Guide to Photographing Aliens and UFOs mailing list to receive updates on UFO pictures and how to get The Complete Guide to Photographing Aliens and UFOs when it is published.

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