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Weird Photos

Weird Photos - The Fish Was Biting

Weird Photos: I'm always looking for the strange or unusual.  

Unusual and odd photos make an impact. Sure, you can use colors to help create an emotional impact. You can bump up the contrast to help make your picture more stunning for your viewers. But nothing makes more of an impact than interesting, funny, weird, amazing subject matter.

Strange photos stand out because you are showing your viewer something out of the ordinary. That alone, will give you pictures more power.

Weird Photos - Dragon Con

Dragon Con can be weird.

Fire Woman

This clown is hot!

An odd photo could have exposure problems. It could have composition problems. It could have focus issues. There are any number of things that, technically speaking, we will allow for if the subject matter is compelling enough to make us not recognize the technical prowess behind the photo.

Below are some of my favorite photos that for whatever reason, just seem a bit odd or out of the ordinary. 

Got your own weird photos or want to suggest a photo?  Skip down to the bottom to share and upload.

Weird Photos

Darwin's Turtle

I'm pretty sure this proves humans come from turtles. 

Mexican Welcome

El Diablo hanging out a a paca store in Mexico. 

Weird Photos - Busted Window

Broken window on a school bus.

NOLA Shower

Downtown New Orleans.

Funny Business

Funny business.

Frog at my door.


Octopus on glass.

Octopus on glass.

Tripping Horse

Horses can trip too.

Dragon Con Beauty

Dragon Con in Atlanta.

Another Dragon Con picture.

Sunset Pig

Pig at sunset in the mountains eating grass.

Weird with a Hat

Wide angle lenses can make weird faces out of normal one.

GoPro Weirdness

The GoPro Hero can make people look weird.

How To Take Weird Photos

It's not hard to take photos that are strange or unusual. All is takes is the willingness to look at something that's considered normal and come at it from a different angle.  Maybe it's getting super close-up to an object. And maybe it has a whole lot to do with luck. But luck favors the prepared. Always be ready for the weird and unusual and when it happens or when you see it, please, take a picture of it and share it with the rest of us. 

Share Your Weird Photos!

Do you have a weird or unusual photo you'd like to share? Please include as many details as possible. Visitors love to know the background story and photography details!

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