Be A GoPro Hero!

Be A GoPro Hero

The GoPro lineup of Hero cameras have opened door for photographers of all levels. 

Amateur and pro photographers now have an affordable choice to document the superhero things they do on a daily basis. From cliff diving to scuba diving to diving into a swimming pool, the GoPro Hero allows photographers to carry a small, yet powerful, camera with them at all times.

No matter how incredible your GoPro camera is, the camera alone will not make you a superhero photographer. Your camera is a tool. It's up to you to master your camera to get the results that make people jump back and shout. That's what you'll find here: tips and ideas to make you a GoPro (Super) Hero photographer.

GoPro Real Estate Photography
GoPro Photo Tips
GoPro at the Parade
GoPro on the Street - Classic VW
GoPro in a Colorful Cemetery
GoPro Hero4 Buying Guide

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GoPro Hero Photo Tips - Get the basics on how to use your GoPro Hero as a documentary and street camera. You don't have to jump or dive or even get your camera wet to make the most of these tips.

GoPro Real Estate Photography Tips - A series of GoPro Hero photos taken in Guatemala. All of these pictures were taken with my GoPro Hero2 during my year there. These pictures prove that the GoPro Hero is a well-rounded addition to any photographer's arsenal.

The GoPro Hero Show - Stay on top of the GoPro wave with news and updates on your favorite camera. And, see how others are making the most of their GoPro cameras and gear.

GoPro at the Parade - The proof lies in results. I was fortunate enough to be in Antigua, Guatemala during Semana Santa celebrations. Of course, my GoPro was with me as I walked around town taking pictures of this feast for the eyes.

GoPro Hero4 Buying Guide - The GoPro Hero4 takes it up a notch. Now you can shoot video in eye popping 4K. Or, if you are so inclined, you can get a GoPro Hero4 with a built-in touch screen. See which GoPro Hero4 is right for you.

GoPro at the Grave - Another case in point of the many uses of the GoPro camera is seen in this series of pictures taken from a cemetery in Panajachel, Guatemala. The GoPro's wide angle of view allowed me to capture the lasting memories people have of their loved ones.

GoPro Hero2 Review - While the GoPro line up has improved over the years, you can still get a great deal done with an old GoPro camera like the GoPro Hero2. Read my review of this versatile camera.

GoPro Alternatives - The GoPro Hero still leads the pack in action lenswear. But you can find other cameras that are trying to do what the GoPro already does so well.  Check out these cameras and see if they stack up.

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How To Prevent Blurry GoPro Photos

How To Prevent Blurry GoPro Photos