Photography Ideas: 
Mojo For Your Photos

Photography Ideas

Are you stuck in a creative rut?

Can’t find the mojo in your photos?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to step outside of your normal day-in and day-out photo routine.

Look for something different to spark an idea or to get an old photography idea up and running again.

Don’t let the next day pass without trying at least one of these creative photography ideas.

Photography Ideas To Get The Creative Juices Going

Go Macro (Make little things big)

Photography Ideas | Rambutan Fruit

 Rambutan fruit on a white dinner plate.  
Photo taken with a Canon 60D, a Canon 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 USM IS lens
and a Canon EF 12 II Extension Tube

If you are not shooting some macro photography…I can’t understand why you are not shooting some macro photography.

When all else fails, get your macro lens or an extension tube and start making ants and insects look huge!

There are endless options when taking the tiny approach to photography.

That little rust spot on your car’s paint job can produce great colors when you get in very close.

An extension tube is a cheaper alternative than buying a macro lens. It is cheaper, but you are kind of cheating your macro shot a bit as a macro lens will give you much better focusing and background bokeh.

But you are likely to pay for that advantage that a macro lens has over an extension tube.

If price is a concern a great way to introduce yourself to macro photography is with an extension tube. If you see that you enjoy the great big world of tiny things then move on to a macro lens.

Pick A Color

Photography Ideas

Choose a color and create as many pictures as you can that have that focus on that color. If you choose green then you may spend your day at the baseball field taking pictures of grass.

Or maybe you will have to go to the Mexican restaurant and order some tacos just to get some green salsa. Add some unexpected twists by teaming up with friends. Give each other color photo assignment and see who comes back with the best photos or see who can back with the photos the fastest.

Picture Hunter

Photography Ideas

Another way to add some excitement to your humdrum day is to get a group of friends to share photo assignments with each other. Someone can start by texting those in the game that they have 10 minutes to take a picture of a policeman riding a bicycle.

Or maybe you have five minutes to take a picture of a  red fork and send it back to the group. Take the idea a step further and create assignments that take days or even weeks to finish.

Practice Your No-Look Shots

Photography Ideas

Digital photography is great because you can click away all day and still have plenty of room for more pictures on your SD card. Take advantage of all of those free pictures by practicing your ability to take a photograph without looking into the viewfinder.

This is actually a handy skill to have when you are in a public place but don’t want to draw attention to yourself.

Learn when you  to zoom-in in advance of taking the picture. Understand why it’s best to keep a wide angle when shooting from your hip.

Many great and unexpected photographs can be had with a moment or two of planning and knowing how to pull off a no-look shot.

$10 Thrift Store Idea

Take $10 to the Thrift Store and buy some props for your future rainy day shoots.   Props add additional dimensions to a photo shoot. Props can actually become what the shoot is about.

Take a little time every now and again to stop by yard sales or thrift shops to get some very unique items that you could use on your next paying portrait gig.

Find funky hats and shoes and give your model something hold or wear. Or find elegant pieces of clothing (it doesn’t have to be funky).

The point is, having a box of stuff to go through may give you and your kids or friends some ideas to conduct your own fashion shoot.

Or, get everything that is needed to re-create a scene from a TV show or movie.

Photography Ideas

Photo taken with a Canon 60D and a Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens.

Always Be On The Hunt For Something Different

Photography Ideas | Yellow Volkswagon Beetle

Don’t say that you cannot think of anything new to photograph or any new ways to photograph something that you’ve already taken pictures of. Photography is about you.

Where do you want to place the lens? What do you want to be in the frame? By adding a prop or taking something and placing it out of context, there is always a project available to help you hone your skills.

If you find that your brain is starting to strain as you think of something different to do, take a moment and a deep breath and them jump into your prop closet or drawer and grab something totally out of character with one of your friends and ask them to wear it.

Or follow those ants with your macro lens as they carry off the last of your sandwich.

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