Weird Photos of Animals

By Scott Umstattd

Weird photos of animals and funny things about them.  Animals have a way of turning an otherwise normal photo into a weird photo. And, just by being themselves animals can be a great subject for a weird photo. Below are some of my favorite weird pictures that feature animals.

Night of the Fence Walker

Weird photos of animals | Opossum on the fence.

Above: Opossum stew anyone!? This guy was making his way across the fence in my backyard one night. I attached a Sigma external flash to my camera and set it to full flash hoping the light would be enough to make a picture. I used a Canon 30D camera with a Canon 200mm f/2.8L lens.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Weird photos of animals | Itsy Bitsy Spider

Above: This spider may look big but it's actually very tiny. What may appear to be a giant moon or sun in the background is light coming from a nearby lamp. 

Blue Gecko Outside

Weird photos of animals | Gecko Toy

Above: This blue and green gecko made its way from my box of props all the way to my backyard where it landed nicely on a piece of wood.

Hounds of Hell

Weird photos of animals | The Hounds of Hell

Above: This is what happens when you keep dogs on your roof. These dogs were in San Lucas Toliman at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. It's a common thing to place dogs on roofs in Latin America. They serve as protection for the occupants beneath them and it keeps the house clean since the dogs pooh outside. These dogs had a particular lost-soul feeling as I walked under them. Had they been on the ground with me, I would not be here to share this picture with you as they surely would have eaten me. I took this picture with a Canon 60D and a Canon 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens.

Breakfast Served Anytime

Weird photos of animals | Morning meal, Snake Eating Mouse

Above: Breakfast is served to this snake at the Tybee Island Zoo in Georgia. I took this weird picture with my Canon 30D and Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 EX DG lens.

One Trick Pony

Weird photos of animals | Balancing is hard if you're a horse

Above: Balance is inherent to some. In others, not so much.

Octopus Under Glass

Weird photos of animals | Octopus In Darkness

Above: This octopus is about the size of your hand. I'd love to be able to tell you that I dove deep into the darkest parts of the ocean to make this picture. But the fact is that I stuck my lens against the glass that separated me from this creature. You can see his suction cups working as they adhere to the glass of the aquarium. 

Got The Shakes

Weird photos of animals | Snaggle Tooth Dog

Above: This was a stray dog in my neighborhood. He looked like a bad-ass. But he was actually a very nice dog. Anyway, here he is caught in an odd moment of a head shake.

Red Neck Chicken

Weird photos of animals | Red Neck Chicken

Above: This has to be one of the saddest, yet most determined chickens I've come across. While his looks are not pleasing his health and his vigor are not in doubt. What you can't see is that he is being chased by a dog. Our chicken friend got a way with relative ease from its canine competitor. Moral of this story; don't judge a chicken by its neck.

Still Secada

Weird photos of animals | Secada

Above: A lifeless secada rests on the hood of a car after a gentle summer rain in South Georgia.


Weird photos of animals | Yawning cat

Above: And last but not least, in the category of weird photos of animals, is my former cat (R.I.P. "Kool Kat").  Kind of looks like he's screaming...  or visiting the cat dentist.  What do you think? 

Got your own weird photos of animals?

Share Your Weird Photos!

Do you have a weird or unusual photo you'd like to share? Please include as many details as possible. Visitors love to know the background story and photography details!

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