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Scott Umstattd

Everyone is a photographer. 

I still say I have been taking pictures all of my life with a sense of pride. Back in my day not everyone had a camera. By simply owning a camera it was easy to set yourself apart from others.

Of course today, everyone has a camera with them at all times. Whether they choose to use that camera is another matter.  But the fact is simply saying, "I have a camera." bears about as much meaning today as saying, "I'm wearing shoes."

Saying, "I'm a photographer." has lost its meaning as well since all one needs to do to stake a claim to that title is take a picture or two. 

But there are those of us who feel as though we ARE photographers. There's something about the process, decisions, equipment, variety of subject matter or results that clings to our DNA. 

In Spanish you can refer to yourself with the words Soy and Estoy (I am). If someone asks me my name my response could be, "Soy Scott". Soy describes something permanent. I'm always Scott. For example, I'm 6'2". In Mexico that is tall. So, "Soy alto (tall)." I'm always tall. Or "Soy hombre." I'm always a man.

Estoy, on the other hand, conveys change or lack of permanence. "Estoy feliz." ("I'm happy.") I'm not always happy. Sometimes I'm tired or mad or hungry or anxious or distracted. 

Some of us will say, "Soy photographer." And others will say, "Estoy photographer."

Hola. Soy Scott. Soy photographer.

Why Photography?

I've self-diagnosed that I have severe to nonexistent ADD. Rather than take a pill, I take pictures. 

The moment of photography lasts only while the shutter is open. If you take a long exposure picture of the Milky Way you may have a 5 minute moment. If you want to take a picture of an arrow going through an apple you will have a very short moment.

Either way, photography easily satisfies my "on to the next one" character trait.

Photography is now. It is not anything else.

Until you look at the results.

At that point, photography becomes a photograph and it turns into then.

That moment, gazing at the Milky Way or shooting an arrow, will not come around again. Now has a very shallow depth of field. There's not much of the picture that is in focus and keeping that focus steady can be very challenging.

The nowness of photography will likely always have my interest. At this point I can almost say it's therapeutic.

Some golf. Some fish. Others garden or fix old cars. I stay in the now through photography.  

Hi there! I'm Scott. PTMY. Photography is a constant challenge and there is always something to learn - if you want to learn.  For those that do want to learn, I created Picture Power as a resource for you to sharpen your photography skills. If you don't find the answer you're looking for just let me know and together we'll find a way to ignite your inner superhero photography genius. Contact me

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