My Most Powerful Picture

By Jean-Sebastien Rochon

Having spent 9 months in the Dominican Republic from 2013 to 2014 allowed me to discover a lifestyle I thought was impossible to attain. The first shock was to live in a third world country where rules are less and freedom more present. The typical North American routine was twisted in a chaotic, but yet pleasant environment.

My Most Powerful Picture | Jean-Sebastien Rochon

Photo Credit: Jean-Sebastien Rochon

One morning, I went surfing and decided to take pictures before I entered the water. There was a surfing camp for kids going on that day and seeing all these little guys not older than 10 taking their boards on their heads and walking on the beach was fantastic to photograph. Most of them were playing and enjoying surfing as a game, but I got lucky enough to notice that little girl carrying her board side ways, standing on the rough ground barefoot, and just smiling because she was happy to go in the water that morning.

I figured out it was not her first time, not like many of the other kids around. When she stopped to allow me to take the shot I was stunned by her "grown up" like posture, the simplicity in her gaze, and the surfer vibe she had. I knew right away she was not playing a game and there was my powerful shot.

I also find that the black and white brings all the element to the surface. The colors were very bright that day and could distract the viewer from the central element; which is the little surfer girl.

Equipment Used

Canon EOS 60D

Canon 16-35 f/2.8L USM 

Jean-Sebastien Rochon

I have a degree in Visual Arts from Ottawa University in Canada. I am mostly interested in landscape photography, or people in their everyday environment.

I also have a passion for water sports such as surfing and kiteboarding, and for traveling and writing. My goal is now to merge all these passions together and share them with others through photography and videography.

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My Most Powerful Picture - About This Series

For photographers, reviewing, editing and critiquing their own work can be one of the most difficult and mind wrenching parts of the job. Photographers understand everything about their pictures. And that often means that photographers may like a picture because of how hard it was to get the shot or because of what happened before or after the shot was taken.

We often like, or dislike, our work for reasons that go beyond what our viewers will ever know. Through this series of articles, photographers are sharing their stories behind what they feel are their most powerful pictures.

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