My Most Powerful Picture

By: Bergina Leka

I love sharing this photo and the reason that I do like this one is to show to all that, in our very fast and high-tech world, there are still people who remind us of the simple things of the life. They just stop and, with simplicity, show a world that we very often ignore.

My Most Powerful Picture | Bergina Leka - Help Me God

Photo Credit: Bergina Leka

My journey in Vienna was coming to end and I was spending my last moments at St. Stephan’s Church.

I do like spending some time inside a religious place and observe the people. I do classify them in 3 main categories.

1. The Curious. They just want to visit another typical place, taking some pictures to show to all of their friends, when they will be back home, what they visited.

2. Art Lovers. They enter the church only to admire the masterpieces on the walls.

3. Believers. They want to meet God and ask him for mercy, help, love, understanding...they want that somebody hears them. They want to open their hearts and talk with honesty.

I was looking for this category of people. I was waiting for the right person, the one who will make me think, “yes, it is worth to light up a candle and whisper a pray”.

I tried some shots, but I wasn’t satisfied, the light was not right, the moment was caught wrong or was not what I wanted to transmit. So I decided to stop and observe rather than shoot.

I saw him coming close to the stand, taking a candle and lighting it up and, when he was just about to place it next to her “sisters”, I heard my camera’s “click” and I knew I saved that moment.

This photo is the good combination of these ingredients: having a photo idea, previewing the photo, waiting for the right moment, speed on shooting and luck.

Yes, Help me God !

Bergina Leka

I made the decision to become a freelance photographer when I moved to Southampton (England) in September 2013. Here my vision is broadening daily. I now try and bring into my images the feelings and sensations of the world around me, not just the cold record of the city but the life of it, the loves of it, the world of it. My images are a specific moment of my life, they are visions of where I am now!

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For photographers, reviewing, editing and critiquing their own work can be one of the most difficult and mind wrenching parts of the job. Photographers understand everything about their pictures. And that often means that photographers may like a picture because of how hard it was to get the shot or because of what happened before or after the shot was taken.

We often like, or dislike, our work for reasons that go beyond what our viewers will ever know. Through this series of articles, photographers are sharing their stories behind what they feel are their most powerful pictures.

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